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I was lucky enough to be interviewed recently by Matthew Groves on his podcast Cross Cutting Concerns where I talked about Progressive Web Apps. We discussed the basics of Progressive Web Apps and the different tools and techniques available to web developers. Matthew has had some pretty cool speakers on his podcast that have talked about everything right from Couchbase to Azure to TDD - so it was great to be featured!

Progressive Web Apps Podcast

If you’d like to listen to the silky tones of Matthews (and my) voice in this podcast, please head over to his site to download the podcast. It’s also available on iTunes via the following link.


Artem - 10/23/2017
Blockchain-powered software platform for eVTOLs — flying vehicles with electric engine and vertical take-off/landing (like drones, but bigger and capable to carry people). We are doing it to make city flights affordabale — now they are availible only for premium segment. McFly is going to let regular people avoid jams and enjoy spectacular view, like the presidents do. McFly is not a property of any company. It's a standart for manufacturers of eVTOLs, chargers, pads and software developers, a unified connection between any kinds of eVTOL's infrastructure elements. The main point — all transactions use McFly tokens. More info on

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