MVC HTML5 Toolkit - Latest Updates

HTML5 has some fantastic features available to us, and I've tried to add as many of those features as I can to this toolkit. For more information on some of the features available to HTML5 form fields, please take a look at this article.


I've added quite a few updates to the latest release of the HTML5 Toolkit. If you haven't worked with the MVC Html5 toolkit before, please take a look at the following post.

Video & Audio

Support has been added for Audio and Video. In order to start using the video control, you simply call it the way you would call a normal textbox - with a slight twist!

HTML5 Video

With the video control you will be able to add the controls attribute and the autoplay attribute to your video. Once the control has rendered, it will look something like this:

Your browser does not support the video tag

The Audio control is quite similar

HTML5 Audio

When the control renders, it will look something like this:

HTML5 Audio Control

Autofocus, Readonly and Disabled

You can now add the following HTML5 features to your input fields.

The library is still tiny and is only 10 kb, so it is super lightweight and efficient. The Nuget package has also been updated and is available for download

Hope you enjoy!