I'll be speaking at Fluent Conf 2017

I am very excited to announce that I'll be presenting at this year's Fluent Conference in San Jose. It is my first time at Fluent Conference, and I am very excited to be presenting.

Fluent Conference 2017

Fluent Conference 2017 will take place on the 19th - 22nd June, and I’ll be presenting a talk entitled Blink and you’ll miss it - Building a Progressive Web App with HTTP/2. From the video’s I’ve seen of Fluent Conference in the past, it looks amazing. Fluent aims to bring together talented people from diverse backgrounds who are building great projects for the web and are excited to share their experience. Whether you want to specialize and delve deeper into tools you already use, broaden your skill set by learning new technologies and approaches, or do a bit of both, you'll find what you need to know at this conference.

I work for a company called Settled and we set out to build a new dashboard for our customers using the features of Progressive Web Apps and HTTP/2. We wanted to build an offline-first application that allowed our users to quickly and easily access their information on the go regardless of their network connection. We noticed an immediate change; our users spent twice as long on the site, they consumed 15x less data, and enjoyed a 3x faster load times. In this talk, we’ll cover our journey and the lessons that we learnt along the way as well as many real-world, practical tips that you can use when building your own web apps.

Topics in this talk include:

  • Using HTTP/2 and the challenges and benefits that it brings
  • The steps Settled took when building an offline-first progressive web app
  • Bulletproof service worker caching
  • Building for sub-500 millisecond page-load times
  • Eliminating third-party single points of failure
  • Debugging challenges

If you’d like to read about a taster of how we built our Progressive Web App, we wrote an article on Medium that briefly goes into detail. However, if you are interested in attending this event, I have a discount code to hand out that will give you a 20% off discount. When registering for any package, simply enter the code FRIEND.

If you make it along to the conference, please pop over and say hi!