I'm writing a book! Fast ASP.NET Websites

Ever since I first started writing code, I've always been interested in the performance of websites and making them faster. It's amazing how a slow website can be brought to life with a few simple tweaks to your website setup. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone use a website that you have worked on and exclaim, "Wow, this is fast!"

In the open source community, there is a big focus on website performance and building stronger, faster websites. However, this same information on web performance isn't as readily available within the .NET community. This prompted me to write a step-by-step book that will guide you and show you how to improve the performance of your websites. Even if you think your website is already fast, I'm pretty sure that you can make it even faster!

Fast ASP.NET Websites - Dean Hume

The first section of the book is based on front-end performance, and you’ll discover how to use profiling tools such as Yahoo! YSlow and Google PageSpeed to take your website from zero to 100. The next section looks at some of the finer details of web page performance and leveraging HTML5 to improve the performance of your site. The final section of the book is dedicated to ASP.NET Webforms and ASP.NET MVC specific techniques that will improve your page load times across your website.

Each chapter also comes with source code examples in both ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Webforms, which allows you to follow along and make improvements to your site regardless of your development style. The changes in each chapter are easy to follow and make use of the new Visual Studio 2012 features that are available. As part of some early marketing material, excerpts from a few of the chapters and they are available online on Codeproject and DevCurry for you to read.

The book will be published by Manning and is officially available in early summer 2013. However, if you would like to read chapter-by-chapter while it's being written and get access to the final book as soon as it's finished, it is available on Manning.com via the Manning Early Access Program - anyone can sign up! I will update this blog with progress of the book periodically, and I look forward to releasing it to you in early summer 2013!