Selenium 2 - Get Number of Rows in a Table

I was recently browsing through some of the questions on StackOverflow and came across this question. The question was around how you would count the number of rows in a table using Selenium 2 and Python. If you need a bit of a background to Selenium 2, I have written a little about it before.

Selenium Logo

Now although the question was about the Python API, I wanted to try and get it working using the C# API. It was a pretty basic question and I wasn't really working on anything at the time so I started to have a look. Selenium has got built in support for XPath and this makes the solution to the question a lot easier.

Start off by navigating to the page that you want to verify.

Selenium Navigate

Then find the element you are working with - in our case it will be a table.

Selenium Find Element

Next, let's use a little Lambda Expression to find the elements that match the XPath - tr

Selenium Get Table Rows

We can wrap this all together in a method.

Selenium Get Table Rows Method

And call it like so in a test using the new class we have created.

Selenium Test Method

You could also use this method to count any number of tags in HTML. I've put this all together in a little helper class and included a sample on how to count the number of options in a select list. The full solution source code is available for download here.